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Meet the Founder – Imagine a platform dedicated solely to the vibrant Pilates community, where your passion for Pilates is celebrated. Welcome to Pilates.TV (PTV), an exhilarating platform that will revolutionize how you experience Pilates online. In collaboration with Pilates World Directory (PWD), we seek to work cohesively with YouTube, providing a seamless integration for Pilates enthusiasts worldwide. While we are not in an official partnership with YouTube, we recognize its value to the community, allowing you to link your YouTube videos and expand your reach on our platform.

Behind this transformative venture is Kaz, the visionary founder, creator, CTO, and chief designer of (PCO), Pilates World Directory (PWD), and Pilates.TV (coming soon!). With over 30 years of experience, Kaz has revolutionized how the world embraces Pilates through his online creations.

Kaz's journey began as a protégé of the esteemed Romana Kryzanowska, forging a close friendship that has shaped his profound understanding and expertise in the Pilates method. While Romana Kryzanowska is no longer with us, her legacy inspires Kaz'sunwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality Pilates experience.